A Full-Scale Moving Gundam Model Comes to Life at Gundam Factory Yokohama

A 18-meter-tall, moving Gundam has been constructed at in Yokohama. The full-scale robot weights 25 tons and can perform a variety of moves.

August 16, 2021

Gundam Factory Yokohama located has unveiled a massive, full-scale Gundam that stands at over 18 meters tall and weighs over 25 tons. Located right on the bay of Yokohama, it looks like a towering guardian over the city. With impressive attention to detail and two different sets of various movements, this is a must-see for all Gundam and giant robot fans.

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The full-scale model is of the Gundam RX-78F00, one of Gundam’s most classic models. Its completion marks the third giant Gundam model to be produced in Japan and the first-ever moving one ever to be made.

A Gundam Brought to Life for the First Time Ever

A life-size version of Gundam model RX-78F00 has at last been revealed to the media. The moving behemoth stands at 18 meters tall and is the centerpiece to the recently created Gundam Factory Yokohama. RX-78F00 features 18 flexible joints in its hands alone. The rest of its body has 24 moving joints, which enable it to perform, unlike any Gundam replica that has come before it. The RX-78F00 showed off various moves during its performance, including walking, kneeling, and even jumping. This giant robot can not only move like its fictional counterpart but also is covered in immaculate detail from its head down to its feet.

Gundam RX-78F00 showing off its walking move set. © SOTSU-SUNRISE

Like previous Gundam models before it, the RX-78F00 in Yokohama also features light-up features on its body such as glowing eyes that can change colors and various accompanying sound effects to match the Gundam’s actions. Each of its finger joints can be moved individually and its head can be turned side-to-side and up and down. Gundam Factory Yokohama will be open to the public from December 18, but a pre-launch event was held earlier for the press. The Gundam’s move sets come opening day may differ from the ones shown during the pre-launch event.

The RX-78F00 raises its hands up before closing them into fists as it readies for battle. © SOTSU-SUNRISE

Meet One of the Creators Behind Japan’s Giant Gundams

Masaki Kawahara is in charge of the overall design and direction of Gundam RX-78F00. He also leads the project for the very first to-scale Gundam model unveiled in Odaiba back in 2009. Mr. Kawahara stated that ever since the original Gundam was first constructed, there have been numerous requests from fans to make the Gundam move, but, according to him, doing so at the time was simply something “we could not do.” After years of expectations that a moving Gundam was in the works, Mr. Kawahara claims that he is proud to have finished what he feels is the collective wishes of the fanbase.

Masaki Kawahara has helped design all three of Japan’s giant Gundam models. © SOTSU-SUNRISE

When asked about difficulties with construction on this project, Mr. Kawahara noted that attempting to blend aesthetics with functionality was difficult to overcome. The many motors and gears required to move the robot needed to be installed in a way as not to interfere with the design. Therefore, according to Mr. Kawahara, “We had to choose light materials and think of shapes that could be made from those.”

Odaiba Gundam
The very first Gundam model created under Masaki Kawahara’s supervision. It stood in Odaiba in Tokyo until 2017. © SOTSU-SUNRISE
Gundam model Unicorn finished construction in 2017 and replaced the first model in Odaiba. © SOTSU-SUNRISE

See the View From Above

For those wishing to get even closer to the RX-78F00, you can take a lift up to the top to admire its stunning details.

Headshot of the RX-F78F00 in Yokohama © SOTSU-SUNRISE

Take a Break Inside the Gundam Factory

After seeing model RX-78F00 up close, head over to the Gundam Factory for some shopping and eating.

Gundam Factory Yokohama features a merchandise store as well as a Gundam-themed cafe. © SOTSU-SUNRISE

The building contains the Gundam Cafe, a unique restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat and drink with Gundam-inspired items such as seaweed shaped in the shape of model RX-78F00.

Gundam Bento Box available at the restaurant © SOTSU-SUNRISE

Stock Up on Unique Merchandise at the Gundam Base

There is also a merchandise store located on the premises called The Gundam Base. Here you will be able to purchase a wide variety of unique Gundam-related goods, from t-shirts to miniature models of the RX-78F00.

Inside the merchandise store – The Gundam Based © SOTSU-SUNRISE

Business Hours

Gundam Factory Yokohama will be opened from December 19, 2020 until March 31, 2022.


AgesTicket Prices
Age 13 and up¥1,650
Age 7-12¥1,100
6 or underFree (if with a paying adult)

For those that wish to enter the observation deck to see the Gundam up close, it will cost an additional ¥3,300 per person.

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