Nadeshiko Sushi is Japan’s Only All-Female Sushi Restaurant. Traditionally, women have always been discouraged and even restricted to become sushi chefs. With her skill, determination, and creative vision, Head Chef of Nadeshiko Sushi, Yuki-san, is hoping to change how female sushi chefs are perceived.

#TimeStamps (10 Spots that we visited)
0:14 – Intro – About Nadeshiko Sushi
0:56 – Self Introduction by Yuki Chidui
1:19 – Is Nadeshiko Sushi really the only all-female sushi restaurant in Japan?
1:35 – Why Yuki decided to become a female sushi chef
2:13 – Despite criticisms, Yuki did not give up
2:32 – Has Yuki thought about quitting?
3:16 – How can more women in Japan succeed in business?
3:36 – Is it true that women are not suitable as sushi chefs?
4:36 – What is your vision for the future?
5:11 – Creating working environments for female sushi chefs across the world

Nadeshiko Sushi:
Address: チチブ電機ビル 2f, 3 Chome-12-15 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021

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