Tokyo’s Luxurious Mountain Get-Away

Theater 1 is Tokyo’s luxurious private villa located deep in the mountains, but only 90 minutes from the city center!

September 1, 2021
  • Theater 1 is a luxurious private villa located deep in the mountains, but it is only an hour and a half away from Tokyo!
  • It’ amenities include a movie room with a 100 inch screen, barbecue, stocked mini bar, and outdoor “glamping” tent or tee-pee.
  • As the place is very popular, reservations are booked for the next half a year!

Tired of city life, crowded spaces, and busy commutes?  If you live in Tokyo, I’m sure you’ve felt this way before, if not right now, especially during a time when we aren’t even supposed to be getting too close to each other or in crowded and congested spaces.  

Maybe you feel like taking a relaxing vacation at a hotel or resort or even going camping to soak in the great outdoors. After all, campings are a great way to relax all while following social distancing protocols.  

Maybe you feel like camping, but don’t feel like sleeping in a tent that’ll only heat up under the rising sun, waking you up extremely early.  Maybe, you want to experience the great outdoors, but from within the luxury of a cozy home.  

If so, I’ve got a place for you.  

Theater 1

Theater 1. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo

Theater 1 is a luxurious private hotel, or rather a private villa, located deep in the mountains.  The catch here is that despite its remote location, it’s still part of Tokyo, just outside of the city, making it only a 90-minute journey from the city center.  Check out their website for a video tour and booking!

Out front of Theater 1. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo

Theater 1 sits at 600 meters (nearly 2,000 feet) above sea level on a 5,000 tsubo or almost 180,000 square feet of beautiful mountainous terrain.  It’s located on the outskirts of Hinohara Village, the only village in all of Tokyo as all other places are considered towns, wards, districts, and so on.  

View from the stairs. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo

As you’d imagine, this place is very popular.  Currently, the villa is reserved for the next 6 months, and the list keeps growing.  It’s likely the result of people preferring to have a getaway or vacation away from crowded resorts and hotels during the pandemic.  

A birds-eye view of Theater 1. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo


As you can see in the pictures, Theater 1 looks amazing and has an extremely modern and elegant design.  On the inside, it’s fully furnished with stylish new furniture, has a full kitchen, a fireplace, and a very nice shower and bath.  The living room has a huge window so you can gaze off into the mountains.  Of course, the place has air conditioning.  

The master bedroom with a view. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo
Bathroom. Image sourced from

As for accommodation, it has one double bed and two sofa-beds, as well as the couches to sleep on.  Outside, there are patio lounge chairs perfect for getting some fresh air and a “glamping” or glamorous camping tent, which is more like a luxury tee-pee that also has two single beds and a couch in there well as a bonfire pit.  

The glamping tent. Image sourced from

One more question, do you like movies? Barbeque? Or a fully stocked mini-bar with wine, beer, and breakfast foods for the next morning?  Because if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, or all of them, you’re in luck.  

The patio. Image sourced from Theater1.Tokyo

Theater 1 is called “Theater 1” because it has a movie room with a 100-inch screen for a 4K projector that you can browse the various streaming services included with the villa.  Also, did I mention it has surround sound? 

The movie room. Image sourced from

Moving on, if you get hungry, you can fire up the grill outside and grab some drinks from the minibar.  The next morning, you can toast a croissant or something else from the pantry.  

How are Japanese People Reacting?

As you can imagine, Twitter users in Japan have been going crazy about this place.  Check out some Tweets below. 

@kamatama_hotel on Twitter, an account that showcases cool hotels to check out, let their followers know about the location being only 90 minutes from Tokyo, and mentioned the movie room and how perfect the patio would be to sip a cup of coffee or barbeque!  

Kaneko (@report6) mentions the interesting fact that it’s in the only village in Tokyo and longs to stay at Theater 1 can’t wait to get there!  

Amuko (@amucoamuamu) called it a movie theater that you can stay overnight at!  Plus it has an amazing view!

While Theater 1 will be hard to get a reservation for, it is definitely worth the wait!  Be sure to check it out when you can!  


Kevin Murasaki

Kevin Murasaki grew up moving back and forth between Chicago and Yokohama, Japan. Known as a "hafu", Kevin is half Japanese, and half American. Now a videographer and drone operator based in Fukuoka, Japan, Kevin enjoys playing basketball, driving on mountain or "touge" roads, and fishing in his free time. Kevin is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia.

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