Earlier this month, a boy who had been successfully infiltrating an elite Tokyo high school for months was caught. The incident occurred at Kaisei Senior High School, an institution with the highest record of graduates entering the competitive University of Tokyo. The imposter has been banned from the school grounds, and the original student he was pretending to be has been expelled. 

The name plate to Kaisei Senior High, where one student faked an identity for months. Image sourced from https://mainichi.jp/.

The original student was confirmed to be present for both the high school entrance exams and the information sessions in February. However, from March, classes went online. When school re-opened on June 29th, a different boy showed up going by the student’s alias. Finals were held in July, and the school went on Summer break, all while failing to notice the imposter. 

English class held at Kaisei High School. Image sourced from https://webronza.asahi.com/

However, the gig came to an end when Kaisei High failed to receive a cumulative guidance report from the student’s former middle school, typically sent out in April. When the middle school was contacted, it came to light that the report had been sent to a different high school, and once the staff confronted the fake student, his true identity was revealed. 

Office manager Yoshiyuki Washizaki did not comment on the relationship of the two boys but did state that this situation was only possible due to the special circumstances surrounding Corona.