Cherry blossoms are one of the national symbols of Japan and appear every at the start of Spring. Known as ‘sakura’ in Japanese, this period is incredibly popular for the activity of ‘hanami’ or flower viewing. Without tourists in Japan this year, many of the most popular sakura spots in Tokyo are much quieter than usual, so we went to check out a few to show you what it’s like. Enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in Tokyo with us!

In the video, we visited:
🌸 Shinjuku Gyoen Park – The 8th largest park in Tokyo and features over 1,500 cherry trees.
🌸 Inokashira Park – Another popular spot on the west side of Tokyo, right next door to the Ghibli museum. Its large lake is also a favorite for couples as has rental boats that you can take out onto the water.
🌸 Meguro River – Perhaps one of the most photogenic sakura spots in the whole of Tokyo. Hundreds of sakura trees line both banks for over a mile.

Watch Our Video Here: