Japan’s Cutting-edge Food Technology

TweetShare Find out the latest advances in food technology from plant-based meat to ice-cream serving dinosaurs! Watch Our Video Here: General (CafeRes Japan) CafeRes Japan is one of the biggest…
October 24, 2020

Find out the latest advances in food technology from plant-based meat to ice-cream serving dinosaurs!

Watch Our Video Here:

General (CafeRes Japan)

CafeRes Japan is one of the biggest tradeshows for cutting edge technology in the Japanese food industry. Our team paid a visit on October 7th, 2020, and discovered some cute robots and eco-friendly inventions.

Tens of thousands of people in the Food Industry attend the event every year

While trade shows are often a little underwhelming, what makes CafeRes Japan interesting is that it’s the gathering place for some of the main innovators in the Japanese food industry in terms of production and supply. This less glitzy side is often overshadowed by the end product of Japan’s many famous dishes, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Various food samples were offered too!

Green’s Meat

One of the first companies to catch our attention was Green Culture, which is attempting to pioneer a future wave of veganism in Japan.

Green’s Meat grilled on an iron plate

While studying abroad, Mr. Kaneda, Founder of Green Culture, noticed that Japan lacks the options for vegan food, compared to the U.S. Upon coming back to Japan, he founded Green Culture to offer delicious, healthy, as well as animal-friendly food to all the people in Japan.

Besides, cutting meat production is one of the most important steps we can currently take to reduce global, greenhouse gas emissions.

Hamburgers and Chicken Nuggets made with Green Meat Series

Perhaps what’s as important though, is finding new and imaginative ways to serve up ice cream!

Ice Cream Robots

Ice Cream Robot making a soft serve for us

Connected Robotics is a Tokyo-based robotics venture who developed these ice cream robots. The company aspires to deliver products through which people can enjoy the taste of food, as well as the process of making them visually.

The company was aware some people at farms need to make soft serve all day long, which is an exhausting effort. It aims to help reduce the strain of their hard work. Besides its latest ice cream robots, Connected Robotics has been developing robots for cooking, such as Soba Noodle and Takoyaki over the years.

Food Serving Robot

Soft serve dinosaurs weren’t the only automated helpers on hand. Over in a make-shift cafe was Peanut, a robot that is mainly designed with restaurants in mind.

Food Serving Robot Peanut

Essentially a set of shelves on wheels, it utilizes an array of sensors to deliver drinks and meals from the bar or kitchen, directly to the customer’s tables.

Wave your hand over to let him know his mission complete!

Once you’ve received your order, just wave your hand over the motion sensor on its head and it will automatically turn back to it’s designated base point.

Freshest Fruit Juice Machine

Innovations in technology don’t always need to be robotic, though. Perfectly demonstrated by the company Cajyutta, that has designed a new type of fruit juice machine that operates using a geniously simple mechanism whilst yielding highly effective results.

The orange juice made with Cajyutta machine tasted incredibly sweet.

By mixing directly inside the fruits, the shells substitute plastic cups, and you can enjoy the freshest juice ever that does not touch the air.

The company also uses bio-degradable straws, which makes your juice experience 100% eco-friendly. All in all, Cajyutta suggests to us how fruit juice should be in the future.

There was certainly a lot on show, how long it will be before robot waiters and vegan meat become commonplace in restaurants all throughout Japan.

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