Chaos ensues at Mario Movie when wrong movie plays

Mario Movie Mistakenly Plays Wrong Movie, Children Cry and Chaos Ensues!

Viewers excited for the Mario Movie were in for a surprise when the wrong movie played on accident, scaring some younger moviegoers.

May 6, 2023

What Happened at the TOHO Cinemas in Sendai (The Mario Movie Incident)

Mario Movie poster

What was intended to be an enjoyable evening for moviegoers at TOHO Cinemas Sendai on May 3rd quickly spiraled into pandemonium when an unexpected turn of events unfolded. Imagine the anticipation and excitement of the crowd as they eagerly gathered to watch the highly anticipated “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, only to have their hopes dashed when an entirely different and decidedly unsuitable film began playing on the screen. The scene quickly devolved into chaos, with bewildered children bursting into tears and the theater descending into a state of disarray.

The cause of this cinematic mishap was nothing short of a scheduling blunder. Somehow, the screening times for both the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” coincided, leading to an unintended clash of two disparate worlds. While Super Mario Bros. holds a cherished place in the hearts of children and nostalgic adults alike, Saint Seiya is an anime series known for its intense and violent scenes, clearly not suitable for young viewers.

violent scene from Saint Saiya

Intriguingly, the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” had been scheduled for screenings starting from April 28th, raising questions as to how this mix-up occurred in the first place. It appears that the theater’s scheduling system may have inadvertently interchanged the showtimes, leading to the accidental projection of Saint Seiya in place of the much-anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The consequences of this unintended screening were immediate and distressing. Children who had been eagerly awaiting their beloved plumber’s big-screen adventure were instead subjected to jarring and violent scenes from “Saint Seiya.” The sheer shock and confusion left many in tears, prompting concerned parents to worry about the lasting impact this traumatic experience might have on their young ones. Although the “Saint Seiya” screening was eventually interrupted, due to a technical glitch, the cinema was unable to play Super Mario Bros. Movie for moviegoers.

A Tale of Two Movies

Saint Seiya movie poster, played on accident instead of the Super Mario Bros. Movie

This incident not only left a lasting impression on those present in the theater but also sparked discussions and debates across various online platforms. Social media was abuzz with expressions of sympathy for the disappointed children and criticism over the mishandling of the scheduling. The mix-up drew attention to the stark contrast between the two films’ content and sparked speculation about the motives behind this bizarre occurrence. Some internet users even entertained conspiracy theories, suggesting that covert operatives aiming to boost the popularity of “Saint Seiya” may have orchestrated the mix-up. While such claims may seem far-fetched, they serve as a testament to the bewildering nature of the incident.

To add insult to injury, “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” has been struggling at the box office, while the Mario movie has been a massive hit, with screenings almost always sold out. In fact, if you search for “Saint Seiya” on Google, you’ll likely see phrases like “bombing” and “dangerous” in the suggested search results. On the other hand, “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has been generating buzz even before its release.

The Mario Movie had garnered significant buzz and generated high levels of anticipation even prior to its release, with theaters reporting near-capacity showings. In contrast, “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” struggled to achieve the same level of excitement, evident in the vast number of remaining seats during simultaneous screenings of both films at other theaters in the city. These disparities only serve to heighten the sense of disappointment and frustration felt by the young audience who had eagerly awaited their beloved Mario’s on-screen adventures.

As the curtains fall on this bewildering incident, it serves as a reminder that even the most meticulously planned events can go awry. It is a call to theaters and event organizers everywhere to remain vigilant in their scheduling and double-check every detail to prevent such mishaps. In conclusion, while the incident at TOHO Cinemas Sendai was certainly unfortunate, it’s clear that “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has been a major hit. Fans of the video game franchise have been eagerly anticipating this movie for months, and its release has been met with excitement and critical acclaim.

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