Manga panel blanket for baby

Manga Panel Blankets for Babies Goes Viral in Japan

Are you a huge fan of manga? Ever want to put your kid (or pet) directly into a panel from a manga? Now you can with these stylish blankets!

May 4, 2023

Introducing the Baby Comic Blanket: A Unique Way to Transform Your Baby into a Manga Character

If you have ever wondered how to make your newborn baby even more magical, Japan has just the answer: put them into a manga! These manga panel blankets place your baby directly into another world. The Baby Comic Blanket, designed by ekoD Works, features a full comic strip panel that measures 87 cm wide and 57 cm tall, complete with narrative speech bubbles. This unique design has caught the attention of many parents, who are excited to transform their sleeping babies into comic book characters.

Using the Baby Comic Blanket is easy. Parents need only to lay their newborn on top of the blanket and take a photo from above. The resulting image will look like the baby is the main character of a manga panel. The product has become so popular that users on social media have been sharing photos of their babies transformed into comic book characters, praising the blanket for its creativity and the fun it adds to parenting.

Choose from Several Designs and Phrases for the Manga Panel Blanket

The phrases printed on the Baby Comic Blanket have become an essential part of the product’s appeal. The first phrase reads:


Which translates to “receiving the love of my parents, I finally cried out at birth. This is the beginning of changing the world.” This one captures the joy and emotion that comes with the arrival of a new baby, reminding parents of the love and care they have for their child while also instilling a sense of hope and ambition for the future.

The second phrase (pictured above) is more lighthearted and playful, stating:


This translates to “Hehe… Silly parents, you’re taking pictures again without knowing that I’m actually awake.” A cute and playful poke at parents who can’t resist taking pictures of their adorable little ones, even when they’re sleeping in strange positions.

Finally, the last phrase (the very top image) states:


This translates to “Little do they know, even though I’m napping peacefully now, I’m about to do something outrageous once I wake up.”

The Baby Comic Blanket has become a must-have for new parents in Japan, not only because of its cute and unique design but also because of the amusing and lighthearted phrases printed on it. It perfectly captures the playful and unpredictable nature of babies.

Cats Get in on the Fun: Manga Panel Blankets for Pets

In addition to using the Baby Comic Blanket to transform their sleeping babies into comic book characters, some pet owners have also joined in on the fun. Users on social media have been sharing photos of their cats lying on the blanket and posing for the camera, creating hilarious images that look like they’re straight out of a comic book.

The playful images have brought smiles to many faces, and some have even suggested that the blanket be marketed toward pet owners as well.

The Manga Panel Blanket: A Fun and Unique Product for Everyone

Whether you’re a new parent looking to add a creative touch to your baby’s photos or a pet owner looking to create some hilarious images, the Baby Comic Blanket is a fun and unique product that is sure to deliver. With its bold comic book design and high-quality construction, this blanket is the perfect way to pose your newborn (or your pet) for some fun photos.

Pricing and Product Details

Size and Recommended Age: Made of polyester, the entire Baby Comic Blanket is 100 × 70 cm, making it suitable for newborns up to two months old.

Price: ¥4,880 (around $37)

Where to Buy: Japan Store/International Store

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