Okinawa, Aichi, and Mie Prefectures Go Into A State of Emergency

As Corona cases continue to hit new records in Japan, some prefectures are starting to take their own measures.

July 31, 2020

As Corona cases continue to hit new records in Japan, some prefectures are starting to take their own measures. On July 31st, Okinawa announced that it would be entering a state of emergency from August 1-15 after a sudden spike in cases. 

Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki declares a state of emergency. Image source from

Despite requesting tourists not to visit while Corona cases rise, it seems a large number of beachgoers still flocked to Okinawa. The Okinawa Governor, Denny Tamaki, stated that he feels the national government should also call for another state of emergency. 

Following Okinawa’s announcement, Mie Prefecture also issued a state of emergency this Monday after record cases followed by Aichi Prefecture on Wednesday the 5th. Aichi, which hit 144 new cases this Wednesday, will stay in a state of emergency until August 24th and encourages its citizens not to cross into other prefectures during this time. The Obon holiday next week is one where many people often return to their family homes.

As with the previous state of emergency, these are strong warnings put in place by the prefectural governments, which encourage people to stay inside and avoid going out as much as possible. For Okinawa, Mie, and Aichi, business hours will also be shortened until 10 pm.

Empty streets in Ginza, Tokyo during the lockdown.
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