Cyber Mom – Creating a Futuristic Japan

Step into a Cyberized Japan with Cyber Mom from Akihabara and read about her mission to make Japan a futuristic paradise!

December 12, 2020

In Order to Make Japan a More “Cyber” Tomorrow

Cyber Okan is a forerunner (or perhaps Bladerunner is more appropriate?) of Cyberization and cyber fashion in Japan. Based out of Akihabara, Cyber Okan, whose name comes from the Japanese word for mom, has made it her goal to bring Japan up-to-date with the visions of tomorrow. The worlds depicted in works such as Akira and Bladerunner show the year 2020, yet Okan feels that reality still has a ways to go. This is why she created the “Japan Cyberization PR Activity.”

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Through “Japan Cyberization PR Activity,” Okan hopes to show the world just how cyberized Japan can be. She originally began the movement back in 2018 in an attempt to have it spread before it became 2020. Furthermore, with the Olympics coming to Tokyo, she does not want to disappoint any excited visitors hoping to see a futuristic Japan with cyberpunk themes.

A Cyber Mom?!

Cyber Okan is also a mom in real life and creates art to blend the daily tasks of a housewife with a futuristic flair. Some art can depict a cybernetic mom rushing to the grocery store on their bike, while others like the one above show typical cleaning duties with a cyber twist.

Artwork by Rick, Photography by nobuyafoto

Inspirations and Cyberization

Cyber Okan is a fan of sci-fi classics such as Ghost in the Shell and, of course, Akira. She cites both as inspirations for her fashion and themes. Among futuristic settings, she admitted that her favorites were regular, modern-day environments that have very future elements mixed into them, such as Patlabor.

Everyday items that are made less necessary thanks to technology will someday be able to be appreciated once again. For example, Okan chooses to use Neon lights instead of more efficient LEDs.

While the long-term goal of her plan is the cyberization of Japan, for the short term fellow enthusiasts will do just fine. Okan hopes to see others adorn their most cyberpunk outfits and hit the streets, regardless of age. If you wish to catch a glimpse of Cyber Okan walking the streets of Japan while in her cyber attire, you can usually find her walking around Akihabara in the evening.


Cyber Mom – サイバーおかん
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