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Ikea Japan is Offering $1 Rent to Lucky Tenants in Tokyo

Ikea Japan is offering less than $1 rent for lucky applicants willing to live in their “tiny homes” in Tokyo! Apply now!

November 27, 2021
  • Ikea Japan is offering 99 yen (86 cent) a month “tiny homes” to lucky applicants
  • As part of their campaign called “Tiny Homes,” 5.5 square meter (60 square feet) apartments are being offered
  • To apply, all you need to do is become a member of the Ikea Family online and sign up on their campaign site!

Cheap Rent in Tokyo is Rare

For some, the idea of living in Tokyo is a dream.  The most populated city.  A city said to be lightyears ahead of the rest of the world.  While living in Tokyo is great, one thing people will certainly tell you apart from it being crowded is that it’s expensive.  And we mean expensive!

Ikea Japan is looking to solve the problem of cluttered apartment buildings
Cluttered apartment buildings in Tokyo. Image sourced from REthink Tokyo.

Like pretty much any other major city, Tokyo is a whole lot better to live in if you happen to be very rich.  For the majority of Tokyo residents, finding a place with a reasonable rent can be challenging, even in the world’s largest city.

Average Rent Prices in Tokyo are High

This is why many people opt to live in one-room apartments.  Still, these don’t necessarily come cheap.  Most are in between 20-35 square meters (215-375 square feet) and can cost anywhere between 50,000 yen (440 USD) to 150,000 yen (1,300 USD) a month.  Of course, price ranges differ based on location with the general rule of thumb being that the further away from city centers you are, the cheaper.

If you’re one of the many people looking for a cheap place in Tokyo, Ikea, the global furniture retailer may be able to help you.  

Ikea Japan Presents the Tiny Homes Campaign as the Answer

Looking down from the loft at an example of a tiny home for the new Ikea Japan campaign.
Looking down from the loft at an example of an Ikea “Tiny Home”. Image sourced from Oyakudachi2525.

Ikea Japan introduced a new project called “Tiny Homes” in order to promote the idea that even a tiny apartment or home can be cozy, and have everything you need.  Importantly, Ikea Japan is offering lucky applicants fully furnished apartments at only 99 yen (86 cents) a month.

Rent Less Than a Dollar!

Ikea Japan blueprint map of tiny home
The blueprint of an Ikea Tiny Home. Image sourced from Gizmodo.

Yeah, you read that right, 99 yen a month, and they’re nice!  The apartment comes fully stocked with everything you need, all from Ikea, of course.  While for the price it shouldn’t matter, the apartments are literally “tiny homes” as they are only about 5.5 meters squared (about 60 square feet).  While the living space is only 5.5 square meters, you still manage to have a bathroom, shower, and kitchen, as well as a loft on top of the “living room” to sleep. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign Up Online After Becoming an Ikea Family Member

You must be wondering by now, “how do I sign up?”  To apply, all you need to do is become an Ikea Family member online, and then apply from their website here:

The application period is open from November 24th to December 3rd.

Ikea’s very own Blåhaj, a stuffed-animal shark mascot is the acting realtor in their campaign promotion videos and ads.  Check out Ikea Japan’s video promoting the project here:

Blåhaj is working with Ikea’s interior design team to find applicants who can convey that they will be able to create a comfortable tiny apartment with the space and furniture available.  It was announced that a video “episode” will be released online in the near future showing the entire process of the “room and applicant search” and finally moving in.  

More Details on Applying

For those interested, the apartment itself will be in the Shinjuku area, where one-room apartments go for over 90,000 yen (780 USD).  Blåhaj, and Ikea’s own real estate offices are set to open in Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya for those who are more serious and want to stop by and get more details. 

If you are lucky enough to get one of the tiny apartments, you’ll be able to live there until January 2023.  

For a more in-depth look at what you’re potentially getting into, Ikea Japan has posted 3D images of the apartments so you can see them from right inside at this link:

Make sure you apply ASAP, as the deadline is December 3rd.  Hope you get lucky!  


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