KFC Japan’s New Takeout Lockers – Social Distance Dining

You can now order your KFC chickens on your way to the restaurant and collect it from a self-service pick-up locker!

November 21, 2020

In the age of the ‘new normal’, what’s the best way to safely acquire a bucket of the Colonel’s finest? Of course, by utilizing the new ‘contact-free’ pick-up lockers from KFC Japan! Deployed at several branches through Tokyo, you can now order your food on your way to the restaurant and collect it from a self-service pick-up locker!

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Since earlier this year when the whole world began to seemingly fall apart around us, above job security and just generally staying alive, I’m sure that for someone like me, your main concern was, “how am I going to continue to safely feed me Fried chicken addiction?”

Well, worry no longer as KFC Japan has heard your cries of desperation and has recently started a new ‘pick-up locker’ service in Tokyo. While just a trial, there are plans to roll this system out all across the country soon.

KFC Japan’s new pick-up lockers at the Shinjuku Nishiguchi (West Exit) Shop

Obviously, the main idea behind this service is being able to continue business as normal whilst also maintaining social distancing practices, and this definitely seems like the best way to do so. By logging on to the website on your phone, you’ll be able to place your order on the way to your location.

You can place your order on your smartphone on the way.

A code is then emailed to you along with a locker number, and then you’ll be able to collect your food when you arrive.

Collect your food without getting into contact with any people!

As the popularity of services like Uber-Eats, Deliveroo & Maishoku has grown exponentially in the last 6 months. It’s also easy to see how a system like this might make things easier for delivery drivers to pick up orders, minimizing the risk of infection via contact.

A delivery man picking up food from the KFC locker

KFC Shinjuku West Exit Shop

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