Kingdom’s Popularity Reaches a New Milestone

Kingdom 80 million copies

Kingdom, the historical war manga based on China’s warring states period, has just hit over 80 million copies in circulation. The manga first began back in 2006 and has managed to receive an anime adaptation as well as a live-action movie adaptation. The manga was created by Yasuhisa Hara and is published in Weekly Young Jump. In addition to the impressive sales numbers, a special art exhibition has also been announced. The exhibition, titled “Kingdom exhibition The Road of Shin,” will primarily focus on the story’s main character, Shin, and his rise through the ranks of the Qin army.

Details on the Kingdom Exhibition – The Road of Shin

Kingdom Road of Shin
Author Yasuhisa’s key visual art for the Shin Exhibition. Image sourced from

To commemorate this event, writer and creator Yasuhisa Hara has personally overseen operations, and over 400 new drawings and 20 new illustrations have been created to help tell the story of Shin. Yasuhisa himself even drew art for the key visual, which was released prior to the opening of the exhibit. Hey also explained his reasoning behind the art, stating,

This exhibition is called ‘Shin,’ so I drew Shin and the Hi-Shin Unit. It depicts him inspiring his comrades by issuing an order during a fierce battle. I wanted to draw something to express the spirit of standing up against difficult situations.

Kingdom Mountain Tribe
An announcement of “Mountain Tribe Night” for the Road of Shin exhibit. Image sourced from

Along with new original art and Kingdom merchandise, the exhibit will also hold special giveaways. For visitors who come on Thursday evenings after 5:30 p.m., they will get to join in “Mountain Tribe Night,” where you can receive one of three mountain tribe masks as a present. Although you cannot choose which mask type you receive, with Yo Tan Wa, Bajio, and Tajifu as your options, you are guaranteed a cool mask no matter who you receive.

A preview of the art exhibit showing the history of Kingdom. Image sourced from

To combat the spread of the corona virus, visitors will need to buy their tickets for a specific date and time as well as visit in small groups in order to cut down on corona risks. Tickets for the exhibit will be available for purchase from April 24, but for certain dates with a high number of expected traffic, an online lottery will be held to determine ticket holders. The lottery will run until 11:59 p.m. on April 11. The exhibit will be held at the Mori Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo, from June 12 to July 25.

Ticket Prices and Event Info

Tickets for the Kingdom exhibit will start from 2500 yen (around $23). There will also be a “goods set” ticket that is expected to include Kingdom merchandise for 4300 yen. For more information on purchasing tickets and the exhibit itself, check out the home page below.