Top 3 Most Popular Characters from “The First Slam Dunk” Movie

A popularity poll for “The First Slam Dunk” anime movie characters was conducted. Here are the results.

April 16, 2023

A popularity poll was conducted by Cinema Today for characters in “The First Slam Dunk” anime movie (currently showing), which garnered a total of 17,306 votes between February 20 and February 27.

A popularity poll was conducted by Cinema Today for characters in “The First Slam Dunk” anime movie (currently showing), which garnered a total of 17,306 votes between February 20 and February 27.

Candidates Nine characters were included in the poll, namely the Shohoku High School basketball team starters Ryota Miyagi, Hisashi Mitsui, Kaede Rukawa, Hanamichi Sakuragi, and Takenori Akagi. Additionally, Vice-captain Kiminobu Kogure, Coach Anzai Sensei, Manager Ayako, and Ryota’s older brother, Sota Miyagi, were also included. Here are the top 3.

3rd Place – Kaede Rukawa

The team’s small forward, who is also the ace, Kaede Rukawa, took 3rd place with 3,168 votes. He doesn’t talk much due to his no-nonsense personality but is notable for saying “doaho” to Hanamichi. At the start of the voting period, he was neck and neck with Hanamichi but gradually widened his lead towards the end.

Kaede Rukawa from the First Slam Dunk

2nd Place – Ryota Miyagi

The team’s point guard, Ryota Miyagi, took 2nd place with 3,574 votes. His outstanding performance in the movie may have contributed to his maintaining a steady 2nd place. Although he was almost caught up by Kaede, he managed to escape and secure his position.

Ryota Miyagi from the First Slam Dunk

1st Place – Hisashi Mitsui

Taking the top spot with 6,618 votes is the shooting guard, Hisashi Mitsui. He was selected as the prefectural MVP during middle school and contributed greatly to the team with his 3-point shots despite his inexperience. He was immensely popular from the start of the voting period, always boasting a support rate of almost half the votes, ultimately receiving 38.2% of the total votes. His overwhelming popularity has fans asking for him to be the next protagonist, with comments such as “Will Mitsui be the next main character?” and “Please make Mitsui the main character in the winter selection arc” being posted on social media, creating anticipation for the future.

Hisashi Mitsui from the First Slam Dunk

Other Results

Here are the results for the remaining candidates: 4th place – Hanamichi Sakuragi (2,635 votes), 5th place – Kiminobu Kogure (510 votes), 6th place – Coach Anzai Sensei (288 votes), 7th place – Captain Takenori Akagi (237 votes), 8th place – Manager Ayako (164 votes), and 9th place – Sota Miyagi (112 votes).


“The First Slam Dunk,” a popular basketball manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, was adapted for film and directed and written by its creator, Takehiko Inoue. It was released on December 3 and topped the box office for eight consecutive weeks, earning over 10 billion yen on its 67th day of screening on February 7. As of February 12, it has sold over 7.11 million tickets and earned over 10.3 billion yen. On February 27, it regained the top spot after a five-week hiatus.



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