Pokemon Illuminations – Giant Pikachu in Tokyo

With all the cool photospots at the Pokémon Illuminations attraction, you’ll quickly become the envy of your social media followers.

November 28, 2020

Sagamiko Resort’s Pleasure Forest a popular theme park and is one of the biggest winter illumination spots in the Kanto region. Pleasure Forest is located in Sagamihara, just on the outskirts of Tokyo. Known as “Sagamiko Illumillion,” this light-up event boasts over six million lights spread out over 40,000 square meters (131,000 square feet) of various landscapes, combining beautiful nature, exciting rides, and twinkling lights.

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This year, they’ve added a special Pokémon Illuminations section for all young and all Pokemon fans! The Pokémon illuminations area is filled with wild Pokémon brought to life in spectacular lights all across Sagamiko Resort.

Rainbow Chairlift

To access the Pokemon illuminations, you’ll need to take the Rainbow Chairlift to the highest area of the park, sat atop a hill with a spectacular view of the lights below.

Rainbow Chairlift takes you to the Pokemon Illuminations area.

The Entrance and Pokemon Gondola

The entrance and the first section is called Pokemon Gondola, referring to the enormous Ferris wheel located in the center. (Unfortunately, the Ferris wheel wasn’t operating on the day we visited due to strong winds.)

Near the entrance is full of fan favorites, such as Pikachu and Evvie and different murals and structures, including the world’s biggest Pokeball!

Pokemon Street

The Pokemon Street is the 2nd of 3 sections that make up these illuminations. As you might imagine, scattered around the Pokemon Illuminations are tones of the little critters… and even some big ones! With all the cool photo spots, you’ll quickly become the envy of your social media followers.

Water Zone

Making your way down the street will lead you through the water zone where you’ll spot a friendly Squirtle, only to be immediately followed by an ambush by some pesky Gengars!

Walking down the Water Zone area.

Pikachu’s Light Forest

At the end of the path you’ll find you self at the 3rd section, Pikachu’s Light Forest.

Dozens of Pikachus welcome you at the Light Forest.

A 20ft tall Pikachu, which is the main attraction of the park is waiting for you.

Probably the biggest Pikachu that you’ll find in real life.

Business Hours

Pokemon Illuminations are available for a limited time from November 14th, 2020 to April 4th, 2021.


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