Saizeriya Creates A New Mask to Wear While Eating

The popular Italian restaurant chain Saizeriya is coming up with new ways to enjoy your meal safely. Meet it’s new invention “Shabereru-kun.”

August 11, 2020

The popular Italian restaurant chain Saizeriya is coming up with new ways to enjoy your meal safely. Last Saturday, the president of Saizeriya, Issei Horino, revealed a specialized paper napkin called “Shabereru-kun” that allows you to eat and drink while still covering your face.

In a demonstrative YouTube video, president Horino showed how to use Shabereru-kun properly. First, a regular mask is placed in the middle of the unfolded napkin. Then, the napkin is folded over the top half of the mask, and the mask is also folded in. Eventually, you are left with a mask that covers the top part of your face while the paper sheet hangs over, covering your mouth. 

Official explanation video from Saizeriya on how to use Shabereru-kun

After the origami-like process is complete, you can freely enjoy eating and drinking Saizeriya’s dishes with relative ease. However, the president does point out that it may be necessary to hold the mask up when taking a bite or bring your drink up from below when taking a sip. In the case of taking a bite of pizza, holding the mask up before biting seems like the only option. 

While seemingly a bit fragile-looking, the president of Saizeriya assures people that the paper cover can help stop droplets and is beneficial for allowing customers to enjoy once again dining out during the current pandemic.

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