We visited Skytree in Tokyo, where the special event “Midgar in Skytree” to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy 7 is held until the end of August 2020. As many people outside Japan would not be able to visit due to the recent events, we hope that you’ll enjoy the virtual tour with us.

Experience Skyrtree in Midgar – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

0:58 – Hardy Daytona
1:28 – Movie Projection on the Middle Observatory Deck
2:43 – Going up to the Top Observatory Deck
4:30 – 340th Heaven Cafe
5:00 – Eating special black curry and special drinks (Aerith and Barrett)
6:39 – Gift Shop
6:56 – Holding a Buster Sword and taking a picture
8:31 – Review of the day in front of Skytree

Hosts of This Week In Japan

Julian Domanski

Born in England, Julian is a writer, videographer & musician living in Tokyo. When he’s not drinking copious amounts of English Tea, he can be found studying Japanese or trying to master the surprisingly complex basics of the Jiuta Shamisen.

Yasuharu Matsuno

Founder of Japan Insider (Former Ryu Tokyo). Japanese-born entrepreneur. Yasu spent his life around the globe – Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, and the U.S. He hopes he had more time to play Japanese RPGs. MBA from Columbia University in the City of New York.

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