Ryu Tokyo visits Sumida Aquarium, which is located in Tokyo Skytree Town in the Asakusa area. We hope you’ll enjoy the virtual tour with us in the video below.

Sumida Aquarium reopened in June 2020 after lockdown, and since July 16th, 2020, it offers two new zones called “Big Schale (Petri Dish)” and “Aqua Base.” The new zone is a paradise for anybody who enjoys watching jellyfish swim about in their weightless elegance. The 7-meter long tank, in which it gets the name “Petri Dish”, is filled with over 500 jellyfish that light up the surrounding wall and floors as they glow with a hypnotic luminescence thanks to specific lighting in the tank. The aquarium has also recently added the Aqua Base exhibit. Visitors will get the chance to see how staff prepare food for the many different species of wildlife as well as the daily care that goes into maintaining and breeding them.

Sumida Aquarium offers an impressive menagerie of sea life, with modern glass habitats that recreate the underwater worlds of Tokyo Bay. Besides jellyfish, the indoor open-pool tank allows you to watch penguins and fur seals go about their daily routines. The indoor tank boasts a volume of 350 tons, making it the largest indoor tank in Japan.

For those who want to commemorate their visit, the gift shop has a wide assortment of snacks and goods to remember for your favorite animal by. To celebrate the new jellyfish exhibit, the cafe and shop are running a special campaign where you can buy jellyfish-themed dishes and merchandise.

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