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The Top Luxury Items You Can Find at a Japanese 100 Yen Store

Japan’s 100 Yen stores are known to be super cheap, but did you know even 100 Yen stores have secret luxury items? Check out these finds!

January 27, 2022

Key Points

  • Japan’s version of cheap thrifting includes 100 yen store luxury items that actually can boost your interior design game.
  • Popular Instagram page 100kin_mag focuses on the top “luxury” items from Japanese 100 yen stores and promotes them on their social media pages.
  • 100kin_mag focuses mainly on small knick knacks for around the house, women’s cosmetic goods, and “luxury” decorative items for your home.

Treasure for a Dollar (or 100 yen)?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to live “like a baller on a budget?”  Ever see something nice in a furniture or home store that would be perfect for that one corner in your living room, just to take a glance at the price tag and quickly change your mind, telling yourself something like “I guess it actually doesn’t really match the curtains.” 

If that’s the case, why not start your search for affordable goods at the dollar store, or if you are in Japan, the 100 yen store?  I know what you are thinking “what could I possibly find at a dollar store that would look good in my home?”  But, let’s be honest, who’s going to spend $2,000 on an antique vase when you could get a beautiful one for just a dollar?  

Luxury Items from 100 Yen Stores

100 yen store luxury items from seria
The popular 100 yen shop, Seria. Image sourced from Living in Japan.

I know the dollar store isn’t the first place world-famous interior designers would go to shop, but based on the finds of the very popular Japanese Instagram page, 100kin_mag, “luxury” items can be found throughout Japan’s 100 yen stores.   

100kin_mag has been blowing up on Instagram as they promote the best items on the shelves at various 100 yen stores including Seria and Daiso to their 17,400 followers.

100kin_mag focuses on the “luxury” things you can find for just 100 yen (88 cents USD), or 110 yen with tax. In particular, 100kin_mag’s Instagram page focuses on decorative products to turn your home or apartment into an elegant living space, women’s cosmetics, and other small knick-knacks all of which can be bought for around 100 yen of course.   

Let’s take a look at ten of their more popular recent “luxury” finds!

Diamond Glass Vase

Some 100 yen store luxury items include these diamond glass vases from seria
Seria’s Diamond Glass Vases paired with their Aurora Roses. Image sourced from O-Uccino.

The Diamond Glass Vases found at Seria are a perfect way to decorate your home with flowers. The vases come in two different colorways that each blend two different colors so you can choose which one suits your style more!

Aurora Rose

one of the flashier 100 yen store luxury items includes this aurora rose
Seria’s Aurora Roses on display in someone’s home. Image sourced from

Why not pair your Diamond Glass Vases with Seria’s Aurora Roses? The Aurora Roses are fake roses made to twinkle with diamonds and bring life to your home. Depending on the direction you are looking at them from, they shine in all different types of colors.

Chic Rose

This chic rose is a more classic flower that would pair well with the vases and other 100 yen store luxury items
Seria’s Chic Roses in their Diamond Glass Vase. Image sourced from

The Chic Roses from Seria are closer to the conventional synthetic roses often seen decorating spaces in homes or stores. While those roses are often made of plastic or a cloth-like material, these Chic Roses give off a more metallic shine and feature a golden stalk, apparently known as a cane!

Aurora Glass

luxury 100 yen store aurora glass
Seria’s Aurora Glasses bring “luxury” to your drinks. Image sourced from

Another item that features the term “aurora” referring to the Aurora Polaris or Northern Lights, the Aurora Glasses from Seria bring all the colors of the Northern skies to your dinner or coffee table when sipping on cocktails, or any non-alcoholic drink of your choosing.

Aroma Diffusers

These various aroma diffusers are a great edition among the 100 yen store luxury items you can find
Daiso’s various Aroma Diffusers to make your home smell great. Image sourced form Tanosu.

Want to make your house smell good for 100 yen? Well, head on over to Daiso. Daiso’s Aroma Diffusers make for a luxury way to keep your home smelling fresh! Say goodbye to Febreeze!

LED Jewelry Light

 luxury 100 yen store LED jewelry lights
Seria’s LED Jewelry Lights make for an elegant way to light a home. Image sourced from Buzzfeed.

Want some elegant lighting that’s not too bright or too dim? Seria’s LED jewelry lights are small Christmas lights that can go anywhere and they’re 100 yen! They would be perfect to light up the inside of a Diamond Glass Vase with an Aurora Rose in it!

Perfumed Moisturizing Cream

luxury 100 yen store perfumed moisturizing cream
Daiso’s Perfumed Moisturizing Cream to help keep your skin soft. Image sourced from Pouch.

When it comes to budget, and I mean budget cosmetics, Daiso has all of you ladies covered! First off is their Perfumed Cream. This scented moisturizing cream is perfect to keep with you on the go as if you happen to lose a bottle, it was only worth a dollar!

Water Foundation

water foundation
Daiso’s Water Foundation for makeup. Image sourced from

Next up is Daiso’s Water Foundation. It is a water-based liquid foundation that fits right into your makeup routine!

Gene Tokyo EyeShadow

 gene tokyo eyeshadow
Daiso’s Gene Tokyo EyeShadow makeup. Image sourced from Ameba.

Lastly in Daiso’s cosmetic lineup is their collaborative product with Gene Tokyo. Daiso’s 100 yen Gene Tokyo EyeShadow kit comes with four colors and a brush to apply. Why spend so much money on makeup when you can just go to Daiso!

Block X LCD Handheld Gaming Device

 block x handheld gaming device.
The Block X Handheld Gaming Device is a budget Gameboy! Image sourced from

Last is somewhat of a special mention as it isn’t “luxury” per say, but then again, pretty much everything on this list while nice to look at, wasn’t exactly “luxury” anyways. Moving on, Daiso’s Block X, their handheld gaming device is a 300 yen budget cross between an iPhone and GameBoy complete with what looks like a fake iPhone home button! Amazingly the Block X comes with 23 built-in games to play!

Anything you like? Which of these luxury 100 yen store items would you buy? Let us know!


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Kevin Murasaki grew up moving back and forth between Chicago and Yokohama, Japan. Known as a "hafu", Kevin is half Japanese, and half American. Now a videographer and drone operator based in Fukuoka, Japan, Kevin enjoys playing basketball, driving on mountain or "touge" roads, and fishing in his free time. Kevin is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia.

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