Due to continuously decreasing advertisement revenue, Japanese TV stations are looking to focus more on anime.  Nippon Terebi, which has released many popular works such as “Anpanman,” has even formed a new “Anime Division.” 

COVID-19 has made the success of movies and events completely unpredictable, according to TV station executives. Recent increases in staying home and quarantines have helped to expand the anime market further, and competition for the rights for news titles and their prices are on the rise. 

Due to COVID-19, more people are spending time to watch anime at home.

A recent increase in animation production start-up companies will help to meet the demand for the booming industry. According to an animation production company official, it could also lead to overproduction and, therefore, a drop in quality.

TV stations in Japan are hoping to pick up more anime aimed towards western audiences. My Hero Academia a popular anime in the west that was broadcast by Nippon Terebi.

Distribution for anime is becoming larger and larger in North America. While previously heavy in China, recent regulations targeting Japanese works such as those on violence, underage romance, and anti-power themes have decreased. On the other hand, the North American market is being directly targeted with themes such as friendship and hard work.