Welding probably isn’t an activity that immediately comes to mind when thinking of things to do in Japan. However, located in the sleepy and rather unassuming town of Numazu is Kageyama Ironworks, which has recently opened Iron Planet as its ‘welding experience center’ and is touting it as the world’s first welding theme park!

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Weld your Own Creations at Iron Planet

Iron Planet logo.

Iron Planet is a welding theme park that gives visitors an opportunity to weld their very own creations. The first Iron Planet was created in Fukui Prefecture as a part of Osada Industry and offered welding classes for beginners. The concept is now turning into a nation-wide franchise chain with the first new location being in Numazu, Shizuoka. This unique idea allows people to create a variety of things from nameplates to shelves. Regardless of your experience, Iron Planet will show you the ropes on how to make your very own iron work masterpiece.

Yasu showing off in his welding gear.

Before you literally make sparks fly, Iron Planet will fit you from head-to-toe with heat-resistant gear, including their stylish jump suit and a welding mask. Tsubochi, who runs the workshops for the Iron Planet in Shizuoka, will supervise your experience and show you the basics to welding your first piece of iron. According to him, the majority of clients that visit Iron Planet have zero experience with welding, but soon find themselves enthralled after seeing their first spark.

Julian gets to work on completing the Ryu Tokyo nameplate.

Iron Planet hopes to see visits from foreign tourists as well once the country opens back up. With their location being close to Mt. Fuji, Tsubochi hopes that people stop by to experience the art of welding while sightseeing. Other locations for new Iron Planets in Tochigi and Kanagawa have also been announced.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:00 (Last Admission at 15:00)
* Need a reservation for the workshop


Making a stool: 8,000 yen + VAT for 2 hours

Stool. Image from iron-planet.jp

Making a shelf: 10,000 yen + VAT for 2 hours

Shelf. Image from iron-planet.jp

Making a shelf: 5,000 yen + VAT for 1 hours

Name Plate. Image from iron-planet.jp

Website (Iron Planet Numazu)


Access from Tokyo

1. Take Sanyo Shinkansen Kodama (Heading to Nagoya) from JR Tokyo Station and get off at JR Mishima Station – Takes 50 mins / 2,310 yen
2. Take Tokaido Honsen (Heading to Toyohashi) from JR Mishima Station and get off at JR Numazu Station – Takes 7 mins
3. Take a taxi from JR Numazu Station to the Iron Planet Numazu – Takes about 10 mins / around 1,500 yen