Wagyu Beef Bowl

The BEST Wagyu Beef Bowl in Japan

All Day Dining ORIGAMI in Akasaka, Tokyo is serving up a mouth-watering A5 rank Wagyu beef bowl. Yasu and Julian stopped by to get the details and try it for themselves.

December 20, 2020

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Not Your Average Beef Bowl

Beef bowl, or gyudon in Japanese, is a very common and cheap dish in Japan. It is typically made up of several thin, fatty slices of beef served with onions over rice. Gyudon can be found at convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. Several gyudon restaurant chains exist in Japan, and it is would not be an exaggeration to refer to gyudon as Japanese fast food. It is a dish that can be quickly prepared and quickly eaten. On weekdays, businessmen in suits can be seen lining the rows of gyudon joints by themselves, scarfing down their beef bowls.

Wagyu Beef
A5 grade Wagyu beef imported from Akita prefecture.

However, at All Day Dining ORIGAMI located in Akasaka, Tokyo, gyudon is being served in a way you have never seen before: with A5 Wagyu beef of the highest grade. This is not your average beef bowl. Most beef bowls will run around 500 yen, but the Capitol Gyudon prepared by chef Kouji Anpo will put you back 10 times that amount at 5,000 yen. With the higher price tag comes much higher dedication. While the main ingredients remain simple with beef, onions, and rice, only the finest quality is chosen for all ingredients. The beef is always the highest grade beef available and is Japanese Rank- A5 rank Wagyu beef. Onions with high sugar content are used in the dish to produce a succulent sweetness that compliments the beef.

The complete set that comes with one 5,000 yen gyudon.

A Guaruntee of Satisfaction

Chef Kouji admits that many customers initially try the Capitol Gyudon out of pure curiosity after seeing the price tag. Although, he assured us that after finishing their meal, customers never fail to admit that, “now I understand why this is so expensive.”

Some of the numerous pairings offered with your Wagyu beef.

While the main dish remains extremely simple, ORIGAMI does add some nice touches to your meal. A consommé soup is included along with various toppings to pair your beef with such as a partially cooked egg and wasabi.

Head chef Koouji Anpo explains what makes the Capitol Gyudon special.

Despite a lack of foreign customers due to Corona, Chef Kouji hopes that visitors to Japan come by to try the bowl for themselves in the future. If you are willing to drop 5,000 yen to try the Capitol Gyudon, you are guaranteed a beef bowl experience you won’t soon forget.

ORIGAMI Location

Business Hours

ORIGAMI is open everyday from 10AM-10PM.

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