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Take It Easy in New Slowpoke-Themed Pokémon Hotel Rooms

Stay in a cozy Slowpoke-themed hotel room in one of the Pokemon hotels in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Gotta catch ’em all!

February 18, 2022

Key Points:

  • Pokemon Inc. has collaborated with Kagawa Prefecture to create Japan’s first Pokemon-themed hotels.
  • Slowpoke is the official Pokemon mascot of Kagawa Prefecture.
  • Four different hotels now feature Slowpoke-themed rooms.

A Message to all Pokemon Fans!

slowpoke room
Your next vacation could look like this! Image sourced from Engadget.

Are you a Pokemon fan?  Want to visit Japan someday?  Or, maybe you are already in Japan… and just happen to be a Pokemon fan in the land that created them.  Either way, do I have a suggestion for you!  

The Pokemon Hotels!  What I mean by this is that you can stay inside Pokemon-themed hotel rooms in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.  Specifically, if you happen to like water and psychic type Pokemon, then you’ll be happy to hear that images of the big, pink Pokemon known as Slowpoke can be spotted not only within hotels but everywhere across Kagawa Prefecture including ferries, busses, and even mailboxes!

 slowpoke bus
The Slowpoke bus! Image sourced from sogohodo.co.jp.

Slowpoke’s Relationship with Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture, located on the island of Shikoku, has recently partnered with Pokemon Inc. to create the Slowpoke-themed hotels.  Back in March 2021, Kagawa Prefecture also unveiled Japan’s first Pokemon mailboxes which were, of course, Slowpoke-themed. You can read more about Kagawa’s Slowpoke mailboxes down below!  

In other Slowpoke-related news, the official “Pokemon Kids TV” YouTube channel released what might be the single greatest promotional video ever made by a local government office.  It features a life-size Slowpoke dancing around Kagawa Prefecture’s most beautiful places as senior citizens lip-sync along to a super catchy Slowpoke (Yadon in Japanese) themed reggae theme song.  If this doesn’t make you want to visit Kagawa Prefecture, I don’t know what will.

The legendary Slowpoke promotional video for Kagawa Prefecture!

Before we get into detail about the Slowpoke hotels, everything would make more sense once you know that Slowpoke was chosen as Kagawa Prefecture’s official Pokemon mascot (yes, many prefectures in Japan have one). The reasoning behind choosing Slowpoke is due to its Japanese name, Yadon, being very close to Kagawa’s signature dish, Udon noodles. Yadon. Udon. See the resemblance?  

Slowpoke Hotel Rooms are Perfect for Pokemon Lovers Looking to Relax

pokemon hotel slowpoke hotel room marugame plaza hotel
The Slowpoke hotel room in the Marugame Plaza Hotel. Image sourced from Nintendo Enthusiast.

Anyways, Kagawa Prefectures local government officials announced that as of February 4th, 2022, people will be able to stay in Slowpoke-themed hotel rooms at the Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel, the Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku Hotel, the Marugame Plaza Hotel, and the Shodoshima International Hotel.  So far, each hotel has one Slowpoke-themed room.  

The color-coordinated hotel rooms feature unique Slowpoke-themed wallpaper, pillows, stuffed animals, stickers, and little knick-knacks.  As each Slowpoke hotel room belongs to a different hotel, each room has a different Slowpoke-themed design.  

pokemon hotel slowpoke hotel room takamatsu tokyu REI hotel
The Japanese-style Slowpoke hotel room in the Takamatsu Tokyu REI hotel. Image sourced from Grapee.

While the other hotels utilize a more “western” style hotel room, the Shodoshima International Hotel and the Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku hotel feature traditional Japanese-style Slowpoke hotel rooms to relax in after taking a dip in the Kotohira Onsen hot springs or exploring Shodoshima, a small island off of Kagawa’s coast.

pokemon hotel slowpoke hotel room shodoshima international hotel
The Slowpoke hotel room at the Shodoshima International Hotel. Image sourced from Gamer.

Meanwhile, the other Slowpoke hotel rooms aren’t lacking in the Slowpoke department.  On top of being able to stay in a Slowpoke hotel room, all guests who stay in those rooms are given a complimentary Slowpoke hand towel to take home with them. 

All reservations can be made on each of the hotels’ websites, or on the phone.  Hopefully, you can plan your next vacation to Kagawa Prefecture and stay in a Slowpoke hotel room!  




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